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Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Welcome to . iridescent 8 ball ., a place to stuff my icons in and accept requests occasionally when I run out of ideas. And maybe some fanfiction. Yes, it is another icon journal, but I wanted one too. :< This site is still under maintenance, but it would be great if you invited all your friends and loved ones and crap here. I'm still pretty new at making icons, but I enjoy it. I would appreciate it if I received feedback from you about my icons as well. ^_^ Thank you.
Please sit down.
Just a few rules that I would like to be followed.
1.) No hot linking. It sucks.
2.) You can use my icons, but please do not claim them as your own. I don't see why you would do that, but.. yeah. Don't. It would also be nice if you said you were taking some. =D
3.) I'm looking for helpful criticism, not "OMG you suck". I would like comments on my stuff so I can improve. Thanks.
4.) Unless I state otherwise, any textless icons I make aren't bases. So please don't do that. =D I will find you.
That's about it.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Thanks for your patience!
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